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Research Report

How FIs Can Gain a Competitive Edge in a Growing Market

Consumer interest in Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options is growing at breakneck speeds, creating a massive opportunity for market entrants to gain a foothold - especially for banks.

Consumers say they want to be able to trust their credit providers, and trust has traditionally been an asset for banks in terms of how they are viewed by consumers. Banks and other financial institutions have an opportunity to capture a substantial share of this rapidly growing market , provided they play to their traditional strengths.

In BNPL, Banks & The Trust Factor, learn crucial information about positioning your bank for a successful entry into the BNPL market. Download our playbook to learn: 

  • The features consumers are looking for in a BNPL offering
  • Consumer interest in bank-issued BNPL plans
  • BNPL usage trends and payment-method preferences