Meeting the changing needs and expectations of consumer and small business banking customers is imperative to remaining competitive in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace. Yet constrained by monolithic, inflexible platforms and overwhelmed by multiple point solutions, most financial institutions struggle to quickly adapt and evolve with customer demand.


Key Platform Benefits

Simple self-serve and configurable design lets you get to market quickly with next-level digital banking offerings without the need to recode.
Ability to integrate multiple application channels, data sources and service providers empowers a more adaptable and robust system.
A/B user journey testing helps you develop optimal customer experiences.
Access to ongoing customer- and industry-driven platform enhancements allows you to iterate, improve and expand your product offerings.
Frontend white-labeling capabilities ensure brand consistency across product lines.

Platform capabilities create flexibility for any use case.

Applicant Sourcing

Service applications for authenticated and unauthenticated digital users, affiliates and merchants.

Application Capture

Customize application processes by selecting your choice of unique technical features combined with your own brand assets.


Align decision rules for eligibility, fraud, ID, income and credit with application flows.

Offer and Terms Management

Use rules to determine offers, APR, line assignments and other terms as part of the application flow.


Leverage one source for funding, account numbers, digital provisioning, document sign, terms acceptance and account set up.

Detect and mitigate a broader range of risk with greater precision and speed.

Bolstered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Amount Defense allows you to customize risk models based on your unique customer populations to more accurately detect anomalies, eliminate manual interventions and drastically reduce fraud costs.

Lower your costs.

Reduce false positives and fraud write-offs while meeting customer demands for fast, frictionless experiences.

Protect your brand.

Reduce operational expenses devoted to manual intervention and adjudication.

Grow your revenue.

Establish digital trust and protect against the reputational risk associated with data breaches.