Learning to be a Technologist and Executive with Fred Lee

This is a repost of an Innovation and the Digital Enterprise podcast that originally aired on May 26, 2022.

Fred Lee, Chief Technology Officer at Amount, was recently a special guest to the Innovation and the Digital Enterprise Podcast.



Fred Lee, Chief Technology Officer at Amount, is skeptical of “culture fit.” In leading technology teams of various sizes and goals, he has welcomed team members who approach things differently, who embrace their unique perspectives, and has witnessed their added value across organizations. In his cross-industry career, a fresh perspective has often served him well.

In this episode, Fred shares insight into the shifting experience of banking and the industry’s digital innovations. He reflects on how he has approached new roles and how getting close to the customer is essential to understanding a company’s successes and failures. Fred illuminates the array of approaches to process and communication, and the importance of following through.


To learn more about how Amount fosters a high-performing culture, read our blog post "Amount's Greatest Investment: Its Employees."

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