BNPL: Protecting Business and Consumer Cash-Cushions

This is a repost of a Financial Futures Podcast that originally aired on March 10, 2022.

Amanda McBee, Product Strategy Director at Amount, was recently a special guest to the FIS Financial Futures Podcast.




When it comes to purchasing big-ticket items, our spending options are usually pretty limited. Either scrimp and save until we can afford what we want, or borrow the money through a loan or finance agreement and pay even more in interest fees. But now a new solution has made its way onto the payments scene - buy now, pay later. And in this episode, we’ll be discussing how BNPL is helping both consumers and businesses alike stay in control of their cash flow. And we’ll reveal how banks, fintechs, and even merchants, are innovating in this space to provide new BNPL products.


To learn more about how banks an gain a competitive edge in BNPL, read our BNPL playbook "BNPL, Banks & the Trust Factor."

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