Womxn Wednesday: Meet Lulu Liang

There’s power behind empowerment. 


At Amount we believe in fueling our team’s passion and momentum by ensuring they’re recognized for the incredible work that they are doing both for the business and in their personal lives.


That’s why we created Womxn Wednesday: a spotlight of the brilliant womxn and allies at Amount, meant to showcase the fervent individuals behind our daily success.


With that, meet one of Amount’s talented team members, Lulu Liang.


Introducing, Lulu.

Lulu Liang - WW


What role do you play on the Amount team?

I am on the Marketing Services team under Client Services. We’re a small but very mighty team. Ultimately, my role is to ensure that our bank partners have alignment between their goals and their strategic marketing efforts for all of their channels such as affiliate or direct mail.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Amount?

The amazing people. They say you’re only as good as the people who surround you, so imagine what that means when you get to work with amazing people. Amount has surrounded me with some of the most hard-working, caring, kind and thoughtful people. I am constantly inspired by my peers. I’m so grateful.


What are you most proud of in your career thus far? Why?

In the affiliate marketing space there is a lot of relationship management involved. In the past year I have gotten to a point where I not only feel sufficient in my work, but I feel extremely comfortable with managing all of the relationships such as internal stakeholders, external bank partners, and external affiliate partners. I am extremely proud of the marketing relationships I’ve built with some of our bank partners. I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into building these relationships so we can ultimately achieve a path where all parties are experiencing growth.


How do you “fill your cup”?

I am always in my own little world when I cook. I find adventure when I experiment and attempt new dishes. I also find a lot of comfort when I can make dishes I know and love with ease. Getting to eat (and share) all of the food I make is truly the best part! You could say that I really enjoy the fruits, or should I say ‘foods’, of my labor.


What advice would you give your younger self?

To always be authentic and confidence will follow.


What womxn inspires you and why?

My grandma. She was a widow pretty early in her first marriage and raised two kids as a single mother until she remarried. She survived The Cultural Revolution in China during the mid 1960s and early 1970s. She did everything she could to support her family, all while her and her family were suffering as her country expunged everything they deemed as “impure”. Her willingness, determination, strength and the outcome of her survival means a lot to me.


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