Womxn Wednesday: Meet Jianqi Xing

There’s power behind empowerment. 


At Amount we believe in fueling our team’s passion and momentum by ensuring they’re recognized for the incredible work that they are doing both for the business and in their personal lives.


That’s why we created Womxn Wednesday: a spotlight of the brilliant womxn and allies at Amount, meant to showcase the fervent individuals behind our daily success.


With that, meet one of Amount’s talented team members, Jianqi Xing.


Introducing, Jianqi.




What role do you play on the Amount team?


I’m a product designer at Amount. I work together with my team to design and deliver the best user experience for the products used by our partners and internal team.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Amount?


Everyone is energetic and eager to deliver the best design to the world!


What are you most proud of in your career thus far? Why?


I’m most proud of becoming a product designer. I was interested in designing workflows and interfaces, but I didn’t know whether there was a major for my interest in college (at the time, UX/HCI was still a new concept). I switched my major twice in college and came to study in the US to pursue this career specifically, and I finally did. Every day I’m so happy and grateful that I can do what I love as my career. 


How do you “fill your cup”?


Lay on my couch, wrap myself with a heavy, warm blanket and watch some documentaries about history, science, or mystery. 


What advice would you give your younger self?


Don’t let other people’s judgement of you rule your life.


What womxn inspires you and why?


My mother. She’s a very traditional woman, and we do not agree with each other on many things. But she sacrificed a lot so that I can have the life that I have today. She always listens to me and treats me equally. She’s the kind of mother that I want to be for my child(ren).


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