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Madeline Vogt

Madeline Vogt

Madeline Vogt is a Product Analyst at Amount, dividing her time between developing the logic behind new BNPL systems for Amount and researching the broader FinTech landscape. With a background in informatics, Madeline wants to use her insight to provide better UI/UX experiences for users across the board.

Articles by Madeline Vogt

The Rise of FinTech Project Management

Every organization needs effective project management to succeed.

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Cyber attacks are on the rise. Is your financial institution prepared?

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It’s a perfect time to pursue FinTech opportunities in the Golden State.

Direct Debt Payoff Is Benefiting Consumers and Banks Alike

Direct debt payoff programs aren't just benefiting consumers.

Debt Consolidation Loans Are Empowering Financial Futures

Consumers are seeking turnkey solutions to better their financial lives.

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FinTech Is Here to Stay

FinTechs are stronger than ever.