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John Thomas Lang

John Thomas Lang

JT combines a business mind with a creative soul as Head of Marketing at Amount. JT's passion for brand, content, and funnel optimization has played a key role in scaling multiple award-winning tech startups in Chicago. A proud Colorado native, you can find him digging through the crates for vinyl records or nerding out on SABR analytics.

Articles by John Thomas Lang

Banks Can Win Against FinTechs in Point-of-Sale Financing

Banks are uniquely positioned to win the point-of-sale financing market.

Point-of-Sale Financing: The Next Generation of Unsecured Lending

Consumers have no shortage of financing options as e-commerce continues to evolve. Are banks ...

Fraud and Risk
Fraud Trends Are Shaping the Banking Industry in 2020

$68 trillion will transfer over the next decade to a digitally native population. Are you ready for ...

Banking as an Experience: The Rise of Digital Banking

Banks are constantly innovating to create compelling digital experience for the modern consumer.

Amount's Digital Banking Infrastructure

The banking industry is changing more rapidly than ever. Many financial institutions have been slow ...

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