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Craig Rismiller

Craig Rismiller

Craig Rismiller is Head of Sales Operations at Amount, leading a team of professionals empowering financial institutions to launch new products on the Amount platform. With a background in banking and analytics, Craig views technology as the key for helping banks meet the increasing real-time demands of consumers while reducing risk and OpEx for banks.

Articles by Craig Rismiller

Open Banking: Past, Present, and Future

Open banking has been adopted across the globe to enable a better experience.

Joining a FinTech During a Global Pandemic

Even a global pandemic can be overcome with the right approach to the job search.

Challenge the Challengers: Traditional Banks vs. Neobanks

Can traditional banks evolve to meet the needs of the modern consumer?

User-Centered Design in Digital Banking

How can banks earn and build trust with their customers? Enter user-centered design.

Banks Can Win Against FinTechs in Point-of-Sale Financing

Banks are uniquely positioned to win the point-of-sale financing market.

Point-of-Sale Financing: The Next Generation of Unsecured Lending

Consumers have no shortage of financing options as e-commerce continues to evolve. Are banks ...

Fraud and Risk
Fraud Trends Are Shaping the Banking Industry in 2020

$68 trillion will transfer over the next decade to a digitally native population. Are you ready for ...

Banking as an Experience: The Rise of Digital Banking

Banks are constantly innovating to create compelling digital experience for the modern consumer.

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Amount's Digital Banking Infrastructure

The banking industry is changing more rapidly than ever. Many financial institutions have been slow ...