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Allison Chaang

Allison Chaang

Originally from Malaysia, Allison is passionate about new product development and innovations in the FinTech space. With a growth-oriented mindset, she hopes to continue seeking opportunities to strategically bring new products to market for Amount as part of the Product Strategy team.

Articles by Allison Chaang

Direct Debt Payoff Is Benefiting Consumers and Banks Alike

Direct debt payoff programs aren't just benefiting consumers.

Debt Consolidation Loans Are Empowering Financial Futures

Consumers are seeking turnkey solutions to better their financial lives.

FinTech Is Here to Stay

FinTechs are stronger than ever.

Amount Secures $81 Million in Series C Funding Led by Goldman Sachs

Funding brings Amount's total capital raised in 2020 to nearly $140 million.

Cloud Banking Is in the Forecast

You don’t need a meteorologist to tell you that cloud technology is in the forecast.

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Your Quick and Easy Guide to Digital Wallets

Even if you aren't aware of what a digital wallet is, you've most likely used one.